Welcome to an independent consultation on the Bear Mountain Interchange

Please share your thoughts and opinions on wildlife, caves, rare species, hydrology, transportation, housing, First Nations culture, impacts on climate and quality of life.

Comment here, or email us at open.consultation@gmail.com.

Join us at an Open House on Wed, Sept 19 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm at the Juan de Fuca Library meeting room. (If the library union is picketing, the Open House will be rescheduled.)

Thank you!


Moraia said...

We are past the time in which we can destroy ecologically valuable areas carelessly. I am surprised that Victoria, or Langford, in this case, is proposing such a destructive project, and what is worse, that they may be able to carry it out!

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it; Len Barry was offered 500,000 million dollars to sell out his share of the Bear Mountain development scheme. He reportedly declined. What we've witnessed of this project so far is merely the beginnings of the wholesale destruction of the green lands remaining to the northwest of Victoria.

Connector highways, predominantly paid for with public monies, are planned to connect Sooke, the highway, and through to the ferries across the Saanich Penninsula.

For years, thousands of citizens have devoted countless hours to salvage a "green belt" across the south island, and it did until recently seem attitudes were changing here to accomodate the needs of both wildlife, and the islanders who wish to retain the natural habitats that make this such a wonderful place to live. Sadly, big money, and narrow-visioned developers, the constant bane to Victoria and environs, are again on the ascent.

I recently took a drive along Millstream, past Western Speedway, and there you can see the near future for lands controlled by the Bear Mountain group; it's not a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

osgdsca real disgrace. non sustainable, irresponsible, unresourceful, short sighted disgrace. nothing about this development is logical, useful or necessary. a gigantic project created by those who wish to make more money for themselves. capitalist selfish greedy investors trying to fill their void with money and power. unaware of life's true beauties and priorities. disgusting and tragic. it must stop. i will stop. you can't kill the planet before killing yourselves... strange suicidal developers. money is useless when there's nothing left to exploit, and power is simply a figment of your imagination... enjoy.