Interchange construction begins

On February 13, work crews began clearing most of the forest in the path of the interchange. Click on images for a closer view.

Many people feel strongly about this interchange project. We are still receiving public comments and opinions about the decision-making process, public consultation, democratic values, environmental issues, and heritage conservation. Please add your voice now. Click the comment link below, or email

Langford Lake Cave as it appeared on Saturday, Feb 16 2008. The cave now has several tons of boulders piled on top of the rebar around the entrance.

Aerial view of the proposed interchange route, with Langford Lake Cave and Spencer's Pond highlighted.

Design of the new highway interchange. Update: Digital images of the construction project are now available on the City of Langford's website. View the PDF document here.

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Anonymous said...


I am learning more about the proposed interchange daily and want a moratorium on the project until the public had been properly consulted. The entire project, beginning with the Bear Mountain Resort is fraught with back room deals and a disregard for the natural ecosystems that make that area special. It seems developers have trouble understanding that the pristine environments that make the West Coast so attractive become lost when developed. They become paradise lost.

Esther Callo